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pdf A devastating Plinian eruption at Tungurahua

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Le Pennec, J.L., G. de Saulieu, P. Samaniego, D. Jaya, L. Gailler (2013). A devastating Plinian eruption at Tungurahua volcano reveals Formative occupation at ~1100 cal BC in Central Ecuador. Radiocarbon, 55 (3-4): 1199-1214.

pdf Autofluidization of pyroclastic flows

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Chédeville C., Roche O. (2014). Autofluidization of pyroclastic flows propagating on rough substrates as shown by laboratory experiments. Geophys. Res., 119: 1764–1776.

pdf Combining historical and 14C data

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Le Pennec, J.L., Ramón, P., Robin, C., Almeida, E. (2016). Combining historical and 14C data to assess pyroclastic density current hazards in Baños city near Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador). Quater. Internat. 394, 98-114.

pdf Dynamic pore pressure variations

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Roche O., Y. Niño, A. Mangeney, B. Brand, N. Pollock, G. Valentine (2013). Dynamic pore pressure variations induce substrate erosion by pyroclastic flows. Geology, 41: 1107-1110.

pdf Dynamics of explosive paroxysms

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Eychenne, J., J.L. Le Pennec, P. Ramón, H. Yepes (2013). Dynamics of explosive paroxysms at open-vent andesitic systems: High-resolution mass distribution analyses of the 2006 Tungurahua fall deposit (Ecuador). Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 361, 343-355.

pdf Eruption Source Parameters

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Parra R., Bernard B., Narváez D., Le Pennec J.L., Hasselle N., Folch A. (2016). Eruption Source Parameters for forecasting ash dispersion and deposition from vulcanian eruptions at Tungurahua volcano: Insights from field data from the July 2013 eruption. J Volcanol Geotherm Res 309: 1–13.

pdf Eruptive history of Chimborazo

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Samaniego, P., Barba, D., Robin, C., Fornari, M., Bernard, B. (2012). Eruptive history of Chimborazo volcano (Ecuador): A large, ice-capped and hazardous compound volcano of the Northern Andes. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 221-222; 33-51.

pdf Eruptive parameters and dynamics (Calbuco)

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Castruccio, A., J. Clavero, A. Segura, P. Samaniego, O. Roche, J.L. Le Pennec, B. Droguett (2016). Eruptive parameters and dynamics of the April 2015 sub-Plinian eruptions of Calbuco volcano (southern Chile). Bull. Volcanol, 78, 62.

pdf Estimating rates of decompression

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Wright, H.M.N., K.V. Cashman, P.A. Mothes, M.L. Hall, A.G. Ruiz, J.L. Le Pennec (2012). Estimating rates of decompression from textures of erupted ash particles produced by 1999-2006 eruptions of Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador. Geology, 40, 619–622.

pdf Homemade ashmeter

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Bernard, B. (2013). Homemade ashmeter: a low-cost, high-efficiency solution to improve tephra field-data collection for contemporary explosive eruptions. J. Applied Volc., 2-1.

pdf Impact of tephra falls on Andean communities

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Le Pennec, J.L., G. Ruiz, P. Ramón, E. Palacios, P. Mothes, H. Yepes, (2012). Impact of tephra falls on Andean communities: the influences of eruption size and weather conditions during the 1999-2001 activity at Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 217-218, 91–103.

pdf Influence of slope angle

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Chédeville C., Roche O. (2015). Influence of slope angle on pore pressure generation and kinematics of pyroclastic flows: Insights from laboratory experiments. Bull. Volcanol., 77: 96.

pdf Mapping and measuring lava volumes

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Naranjo M. F., S. K. Ebmeier, S. Vallejo, P. Ramón, P. Mothes, J. Biggs, F. Herrera (2016). Mapping and measuring lava volumes from 2002 to 2009 at El Reventador Volcano, Ecuador, from field measurements and satellite remote sensing, Applied Volcanol. 5: 8. doi: 10.1186/s13617-016-0048-z

pdf Mass budget partitioning during explosive eruptions

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Bernard, J., J. Eychenne, J.L. Le Pennec, D. Narvaez (2016). Mass budget partitioning during explosive eruptions: insights from the 2006 paroxysm of Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 17, doi:10.1002/2016GC006431.

pdf Pyroclastic flow erosion and bulking processes

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Bernard J., Kelfoun K., Le Pennec J.L., Vallejo S. (2014). Pyroclastic flow erosion and bulking processes: comparing field-based vs. modeling results at Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador. Bull. Volcanol., 76; 858-874.

pdf Rates of magma transfer in the crust

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Menand, T., Annen, C., de Saint-Blanquat, M. (2015) Rates of magma transfer in the crust: insights into magma reservoir recharge and pluton growth. Geology, 43: 199-202.

pdf Role of crustal and slab components

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Hidalgo, S., Gerbe, M.C., Martin, H., Samaniego, P., Bourdon, E. (2012). Role of crustal and slab components in the Northern Volcanic Zone of the Andes (Ecuador) constrained by Sr–Nd–O isotopes. Lithos, 132-133: 180-192.

pdf Sequential plug formation

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Hall M.L., Steele A., Bernard B., Mothes P., Vallejo S., Douillet G., Ramón P., Aguaiza S., Ruiz M. (2015). Sequential plug formation, disintegration by Vulcanian explosions, and the generation of granular Pyroclastic Density Currents at Tungurahua volcano (2013–2014), Ecuador. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 306: 90–103.

pdf Sigmoidal particle density distribution

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Eychenne, J, J.L. Le Pennec, (2012). Sigmoidal particle density distribution in a subplinian scoria fall deposit. Bulletin of Volcanology, 74, 2243-2249.

pdf Slow moving and far travelled

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Roche O., Buesch D.C., Valentine G.A. (2016). Slow-moving and far-travelled dense pyroclastic flows during the Peach Spring super-eruption. Nature Comm., 7: 10890.